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Welcome to Hepburn Architects, the forefront of innovation and creativity in residential architecture in Birmingham. With decades of combined experience, our renowned team has been transforming ordinary spaces into extraordinary homes that reflect the personality and desires of those who dwell within.

We believe your home should be a sanctuary that resonates with your unique lifestyle and aesthetics. That’s why our residential practice is dedicated to providing individualised solutions, creating environments that are not only functional but also inspiring, beautiful, and sustainable.


David Hepburn
Founding Director


Where we are located

As a leading residential architect based in Birmingham, UK, we pride ourselves on crafting bespoke living spaces that resonate with the unique character and lifestyle of each client. Birmingham, a vibrant and diverse city, boasts a plethora of residential areas, each with its own charm and appeal. From the picturesque streets of Harborne, offering a tranquil suburban feel with its array of Victorian houses, to the bustling, cosmopolitan atmosphere of the Jewellery Quarter, renowned for its stylish apartments and rich industrial heritage. 

Edgbaston is another gem within the city, known for its prestigious addresses and sprawling Edwardian mansions set amidst lush greenery, offering an oasis of calm close to the city centre. For those seeking a more bohemian vibe, Moseley and Kings Heath present a creative and lively community, with a variety of homes ranging from period properties to modern developments. Our firm is dedicated to designing homes that not only blend seamlessly with these distinct areas but also enhance the living experience, reflecting the unique personality of Birmingham and its residents.


How it works


We visit your home for a detailed architectural survey, providing all necessary data to initiate your project.


Collaborate with our architects to create the most suitable and appealing designs for your project.


We prepare and submit your project’s planning application, representing you as agents throughout the process.


Assistance with building control drawings and connecting you with reliable local builders is part of our service.


Engage in a joint venture where we forgo upfront fees for a share in the land sale, minimizing your financial burden.