Hepburn Daoudi



Residential Architect Aldridge

Welcome to Hepburn Daoudi, the forefront of innovation and creativity in residential architecture in Aldridge. With decades of combined experience, our renowned team has been transforming ordinary spaces into extraordinary homes that reflect the personality and desires of those who dwell within.

We believe your home should be a sanctuary that resonates with your unique lifestyle and aesthetics. That’s why our residential practice is dedicated to providing individualised solutions, creating environments that are not only functional but also inspiring, beautiful, and sustainable.

Founding Director


Where we are located

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How it works


We visit your home for a detailed architectural survey, providing all necessary data to initiate your project.


Collaborate with our architects to create the most suitable and appealing designs for your project.


We prepare and submit your project’s planning application, representing you as agents throughout the process.


Assistance with building control drawings and connecting you with reliable local builders is part of our service.


Engage in a joint venture where we forgo upfront fees for a share in the land sale, minimizing your financial burden.